Shopify SEO Guide

Learn the ins and outs of Shopify optimization. Below you'll find insight, tips, and technical guides to help your ecommerce store stay on top in organic results.

General Shopify SEO Knowledge

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

We answer the age old question of whether or not Shopify is a good platform for SEO or not.

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Shopify SEO Resources

Check out some of our recommended Shopify SEO resources to get up to speed on the platform's capabilities and best practices.

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Shopify Site Setup for SEO

The Fastest Shopify Themes (Good for SEO)

Make sure that you have a lightning fast Shopify theme to appease the SEO and site speed gods.

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Which Admin Sections Contribute to SEO?

Check out some of our recommended Shopify SEO resources to get up to speed on the platform's capabilities and best practices.

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The Best SEO Plugins for Shopify

Which plugins should you be using for Shoipfy SEO superiority? We show you some of the best available plugins to help your Shopify store's SEO

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Google Analytics & Search Console Setup for Shopify

The road towards organic dominance starts with data. Make sure your Shopify store is set up to track performance with this guide.

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Shopify SEO Content

How to SEO Collection Pages on Shopify

Your collections are high value pages on your site. Make sure that they're SEO-ready with this guide.

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How to SEO Product Pages on Shopify

Drive visitors right to the page where they convert with great product-level SEO.

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How to Set Up Your Shopify Blog for Good SEO

A great blog strategy can turbo charge your site's ability to drive organic traffic. Set your blog up for SEO success.

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Adding Heading & Body Text to Shopify Blog Posts

Extend your Shopify blog's SEO capabilities by adding headings and body text to your blog post pages.

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Shopify Image SEO

How to SEO Images on Shopify

Images are the currency of the visual web. Make sure you've got proper SEO strategy in place for your media.

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Improving SEO on the Shopify Platform

Shopify is one of the major ecommerce platforms on the web. Currently used by more than 500,000 online businesses to help them sell online. However, there have always been questions about whether or not Shopify allows for SEO dominance.

Similar to other leading ecommerce platforms, Shopify has its pros and cons, it's nuances. For ecommerce merchants, business owners, marketing freelancers, and digital pros, the key to ensuring you have your SEO firing on all cylinders is to understand the platform's capabilities and how to make it work for you.

The goal with any online business is to grow. Today, organic traffic (the byproduct of SEO) is still the only way to earn traffic without directly paying for it. When you're building and operating on Shopify, you need to know how it works and what components contribute to SEO.

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