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SEO is what we do. Grow With Studio has helped 1,000s of stores rank higher in Google search results and grow their organic traffic & sales.

On average we've helped businesses send 81% more traffic YoY to their stores with our proven SEO strategies.

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A Lightning-fast SEO Overview

To those new to digital marketing, SEO can sound like hokum. Terminology like "algorithms," "spiders," "schema," and "tags" can overwhelm and confuse the unititiated. At Grow With Studio, we want to remove the confusion and mystery around SEO and help our clients come to a better understanding of how they're ranking on the web.

Below is a quick review of SEO basics

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of growing website traffic, online visibility, and site authority in search engines through organic (unpaid) means. SEO isn’t a single method but more of a collection of best practices and strategies that are designed to help a website’s traffic improve without paying for ads. The strategies include Content Creation, Keyword Research, Link Building, and other forms of optimization.

Learn more about the basics of SEO

How Does SEO Fit in with Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization is a piece of the digital marketing puzzle. SEOs are great at analyzing competition, looking at the different ways Google assesses and displays information on the web, and helps your site rank better for specific keywords and searches.

The role of the SEO, especially for small- to medium-sized businesses, can often include responsibilities that might not fall under the organic search umbrella. That’s because SEO has an impact on all other facets of a digital marketing strategy, including social media marketing, paid advertising, and design.

In context of a larger digital marketing team, SEO can help enhance the strategies from other disciplines:

  • In digital advertising, a page’s relevancy, keyword targeting, and UX can impact quality scores and - ultimately - how much you spend per click.
  • In social media, SEO can help improve the experience between your social profiles to your website, keep social referral visitors there longer, and help them convert.
  • For design, SEO includes the content that is being used on the page. Even a beautifully designed page is useless without proper targeting and optimization.

Good SEO is the foundation for a successful website experience that leads to a conversion (whatever that may be).

What types of businesses can benefit from SEO?

On some level, any business with a website can benefit from SEO, however, there are certain businesses where your investment in SEO makes more money sense. For example, it doesn’t make sense to hire an SEO marketing agency for a brand new website that doesn’t have any products to sell or any idea of what they want their users to do once they get there. SEO should always have a real world goal attached to it so that strategies can be created to meet your business needs. Here are some of the types of businesses that can really benefit from an effective SEO strategy:

  • Ecommerce Businesses - Ecommerce stores rely on traffic to generate revenue. Without traffic, you’ve got no organic visitors, and without visitors, you’ve got no revenue. Along with paid advertising, Search Engine Optimization is a great option for ecommerce merchants who want to increase conversion-ready visitors to their site and generate long-term ROI.
  • Service-based Businesses - Business owners who sell a skill, expertise, or a trade are great candidates for SEO. They rely on their website to drive traffic and leads for their service. Service-based businesses can benefit from SEO strategies that incorporate locally-focused optimization, or Local SEO. That way, when someone in their service area Google’s “plumbers in Austin,” they’ll show up.

From an industry-specific perspective, the list is long. Businesses across all kinds of industries have an imperative to invest in their website’s SEO strategy. Here are just a few industries that should have a solid SEO Strategy in place:

  • Fashion & Apparel - This sector is highly competitive so fashion websites need to be extremely strategic about what their goals are, what their customers want/need, and how SEO can help them achieve it.
  • Food-based Businesses - From monthly subscription boxes to specialized food suppliers, there are a lot of businesses working hard to drive online revenue. Finding your niche and pinpointing what your core value proposition through informative articles, blogs, and link building will help position you for success in the SEO landscape.
  • Hardware & Heavy Industry Supplies - These types of businesses rely heavily on brand or part specific search behavior so product and metadata are a major concern as well as a strategic advantage.
  • IT & Technology Suppliers - Chances are these businesses aren’t building their own components but selling other brands. For this industry, technical information is key to standing out and providing customers with enough information to make a purchase decision.
  • Boutique Goods (i.e. artisan jewelry, hobby, etc.) - For smaller shops it’s nearly impossible to compete with the likes of Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy head-to-head. Instead, carving out your niche with great product information, a pleasant checkout experience, speedy delivery, and ample resources help you break out from the pack.

Any business with the goal of selling products online should have an SEO strategy in place that will help them meet their growth and revenue goals.


Our SEO Process

"If you build it, they will come" isn't true when it comes to websites. No matter how much money you spend on your site design, if your customers can’t find you on the web, it’s a wasted investment.

Studio’s strategic SEO process starts with the optimization of technical components of your site for fundamental SEO health of your site. We then focus on page SEO, creative content strategies, off page SEO, and more. Here’s what it looks like:

SEO Audit

An informed SEO strategy yields the best SEO results. We start every engagement with an audit that includes technical analysis, visibility assessment and optimization opportunity analysis.

On-Page SEO

Everything starts with stellar on page SEO. We focus on ensuring the fundamentals are in place with expert keyword research, tag optimization, and on-page content so that search engines understand what your page is about, why its relevant, and shows you in search results.

Targeted Content

A strong content strategy is the cornerstone of organic growth. Our effective SEO content strategy reaches your target market at every stage of the purchase process.

Off-Page SEO

Our techniques earn the off-page authority your site needs to build search visibility and entice actively searching customers to shop with you.

Hard Work Pays Off:


Increase in Revenue from SEO


Increase in Revenue from SEO


Increase in Revenue from SEO


4 SEO Components That Grow Your Business

(we do them all!)

1) Audit & Technical Optimization

Client Background, Goals & Discovery

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all SEO. Each website and business require solutions designed to specifically meet their goals. That’s why we start every SEO campaign out with information gathering about your website, your goals, and information that we can gather from analysis tools.

Technical Optimization

The technical anatomy of your website has a huge impact on how search engines crawl, index, and rank your site. If you don’t have a solid technical setup, no amount of keyword targeting, backlinks, or blog posts will help you rank. Our SEO experts ensure your site is correctly structured and following best practices for crawling and indexing.

Competitive Analysis

Our team takes the time to understand the keywords, channels and strategies your competitors are utilizing in order to position your store effectively.

2) On Page SEO

Keyword Research

Expert keyword research identifies the best revenue-generating terms using variables such as relevance, search volume and competition. We then strategically incorporate that into your website’s content.

Meta Tag Optimization

Tags are critical to the search engines. From canonicals to title tags and beyond, our team knows how to structure and optimize these valuable pieces of data for improved impressions, clicks, and click through rate.

Content Strategy

High quality content that adheres to Google’s E-A-T and BERT algorithm guidelines will help you stand out from the pack. A great content strategy can help new websites compete with long-standing competitors, or help established websites cement their place at the top of the pile.

Information Architecture

We analyze all sites from the customer perspective and ensure that your sites are cataloging information in a way that benefits your overall business goals.

3) Off-Site & Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO is designed to help brick and mortar businesses utilize local search platforms to their advantage and ensure that when someone searches “X near me,” our clients show up. We incorporate local business profiles (Google My Business, Yelp), review strategy, and local promotion to help our clients capture geo-centric traffic and customers.

Link Building

Our link building strategy focuses on quality over quantity. We specialize in helping our clients secure beneficial partnerships, reclaim lost or broken links, and ensure that your backlink profile is healthy.

Email Marketing

If you operate in an industry that has repeat customers, regularly run sales, or need to reach more customers on a monthly basis, email marketing is a tool that helps our clients maximize ROI from an existing customer base, highlight sales and deals, and reach new customers with each new campaign.

4) Holistic, Growth-focused Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization

Once people are coming to the site, we focus on ways to improve the website experience so that our clients have a healthy conversion. Utilizing elements of information architecture design, UX, A/B testing and ecommerce best practices, we help our clients maximize the ROI of their existing traffic.

Paid Ads Support

A properly optimized web page means that you’ll pay less in ad spend and drive more conversion. A well optimized page is a crucial part of ensuring your paid ad spend is getting the right ROI. We work with internal and 3rd party paid ads teams to elevate successful paid strategies.

Social Media Integration

Google’s Knowledge Graph looks at more than just your site when it determines things like trust, authority, and expertise. Utilizing SEO best practices in parallel with an optimized social media strategy can take your efforts to the next level.

Video & Image Optimization

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. We ensure that all media assets you utilize in your marketing campaigns are properly optimized, tagged, and crawled by search engines.

Why Invest in SEO?

SEO is still the only way to EARN traffic... let us explain.

Search Engine Optimization ensures active shoppers can find you in the unpaid Google search results. Solid SEO work yields compounding results over time and delivers very specific searches to the correct page on your website, which leads to a higher sales conversion rate. This work is essential to the long-term health of your website.

An expert SEO agency will help their clients succeed by making incremental, strategic, data-backed improvements to a website with the goal of yielding compounding results over time. We focus on SEO strategies catered to our clients’ specific goals (whether they know them or not) and always keep in mind that a website is supposed to lead to an action, not just rank well.

We don’t have cookie-cutter SEO packages and neither should you. If you want to work with a team that stands by their work, has a track record of success, and operates strategically, then:

Studio is ready to help.

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