Terrence Brown


Terrence Brown was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and thanks to all the wonders it offers, this great city’s been lucky enough to keep him!


Terrence has more than 15 years experience in communications, design and marketing starting in his high school years. After internships with a local public relations firm and an advertising and creative agency, he was begged to join the PR firm as the first high school intern turned employee since the firm’s inception. He later served as Marketing & Operations Manager for an Austin-based independent wealth management firm, which he rebranded, relaunched, and helped grow throughout the Central Texas area.


Terrence joined the Volusion team in 2015 as a Marketing Consultant and in 2017, he was recognized with Volusion’s Customer First Culture Code award for his continual dedication to client success. As the manager of Studio’s Project Management team, he has his hand in just about everything across the team relating to client experience and success.


In his free time, Terrence is likely spending time with his family and friends indulging in UT football, eating copious amounts of TexMex or enjoying a good whiskey. 


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