Teresa Nguyen

Web Designer

Teresa Nguyen was born in Fremont, California and raised in Houston, Texas. Initially, she attended the University of Texas in Austin (hook ‘em!) as a Biology major in hopes to be an optometrist. However, her hobby had always been design and would express her creative side by designing t-shirts and flyers for various student organizations on campus. It wasn’t long until she realized her hobby was actually her passion! She changed her major to Advertising and graduated in 2017. Right after college she joined the Grow With Studio team as an intern and less than a year got brought on full time as a Web Designer!


In her free time she likes to listen to true crime podcasts, travel to as many cities as possible and explore good eats in Austin!


Conversion Tip: Make good use of white space! White is the area around images, text and other design elements on your page. Just because there is space doesn’t mean you have to fill it up! Using too little white space on your page will make it look cluttered and difficult for users to find the information they need. Find a balance!


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