Meg Nanson Content Strategist

Meg Nanson

Content Strategist

A native of Portland, Oregon, Meg has spent the past 8 years happily immersed in the world of content strategy and SEO. She’s a writer and reader to the core who attended Smith College on a poetry scholarship, where she graduated in 2008 with a BA in American Studies. Post-graduation, she found a practical outlet for her writing skills in the field of marketing, where she fell into SEO full-tilt. 

Meg has since worked primarily in agency settings, appreciating the chance to ride with hundreds of different businesses across a fast-paced, dynamic landscape. She has worked with the smallest startups and some of the largest Fortune 1000s, and she’s awed by the lessons woven into the fabric of each one. 

Meg joined Studio in 2014 as an SEO Specialist, and progressed to Senior SEO and finally SEO Team Lead/Content Strategist over the course of the next three years. Along the way she was published on leading industry blogs and even managed to tackle her fear of public speaking enough to lecture at PubCon, the marketing industry’s largest conference (it was a great experience, but she’ll probably stick to writing from now on).  

In 2017, Meg left Studio to work on her own nascent ecommerce business; and one shaky business later, she jumped at the chance to return to her old friends when a Content Strategist position opened up in 2019. And the rest, as they say, is history! Meg is thrilled to be back, and Chapter 2 of her story with Studio has been just as magical as the first. 

Conversion Tip: Your brand story is the beating heart of your business. Everything else —your content, site design, ads, social media and SEO strategy — flows from that narrative. Take it seriously, and you’ll create a consistency of experience that will have a noticeable impact on your conversions. 


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