Laurisa Chavez

Search Marketing Specialist

Born in the West Texas town of El Paso, Laurisa ventured to Central Texas to attend Texas State University. Go Cats! She studied Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. That is where the magic started to happen. She accidentally fell into leadership positions in the marketing organizations she was in and loved studying how small details can affect a marketing campaign. She enjoys marketing because it is one of the elements behind every successful business.

After graduating college, Laurisa decided to make Austin her permanent home and started her career in digital marketing. Helping clients grow their business online and being able to hear the joy in their voices when they see their company grow online are her favorite things about her job.

When Laurisa is not at work, she enjoys soaking up the Austin sun. That means taking her dog on hikes, playing board games with friends and finding the best places to eat in town.

Conversion Tip: Don’t be scared to spend money on your ads on Google – if the campaign is close knit. This means having the right keywords, targeting, ads and content on your landing page.

Also, do not over-optimize. I know the struggle of going into a campaign and wanting to make hundreds of changes, but have the strength not to. Let a campaign sit and bake for a while (collect date) before making too many major changes. Over-optimization can have a negative effect in the long run.


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