Jessica Resendiz

Sr. Web Designer

Jessica Resendiz was born and raised in the sweet Austin suburb of Round Rock, Texas. She’s loved art and design ever since she can remember, tracing it back to her days as a fourth grader when she rebelled against writing her name with the crossbar at the top of the letter J like she had been taught. Throughout her pre-teen years she discovered photo editing softwares and site builders that sparked an interest in her that followed her to her teenage years and beyond. 


She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Austin while knowing in her heart she had an affinity for Web Design in particular. She began her career by interning for a mobile app company in Austin, followed by landing her role at Grow With Studio. Throughout the years she has gained a broad understanding of ecommerce best design practices and has helped hundreds of businesses find success. She’s worked for some of the most notable names in pop culture including Bob Ross and Feld Entertainment on projects for Jurassic World and Monster Jam.


When she’s not working, Jessica enjoys going to the movies and cruising around town with her Shiba Inu/Australian Cattle Dog mix, Daisy.

Conversion tip: Solidify your branding! A cohesive branded experience that starts with your online store and expands to other avenues like social media, packaging, email marketing, etc.  not only establishes trust, but tells the world you are a professional business.


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