Dajin Kim

Search Marketing Assoc.

Dajin is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a Business Foundations Certificate.


Entering college as a biology major, she took a full 180 degree turn, followed her heart, and took a chance on advertising. Following her new path, Dajin put her new found passion to the test by interning as an SEO Writing Intern at Volusion and a Social Media & Marketing Intern at HMG Creative. At Volusion, she was able to gain experience practice writing for a wide range of target audiences while at HMG, her role exposed her to focusing on one, internal brand rather than many.


Now, Dajin is having the time of her life working with awesome, intelligent people, doing Austin things, trying new foods, learning new skills, and beating her coworkers at ping pong. Guess 9-5 wasn’t quite as daunting as she thought!


Conversion Tip: At the end of the day, people won’t spend money on things they don’t believe will better their life in some way. Sell the idea, not the product. Focus on what the consumer really gains (physically or emotionally) and sell THAT.


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