Andie Mace

Project Manager

Andie has always been fueled by her curiosity of the human race. She spent two and a half years at the University of Texas prepping for medical school, while studying Anthropology to gain an understanding of the social side of humans as well as the physical. After those initial two years, Andie decided to focus her studies solely on Anthropology, rather than medicine.

Andie about the way that techniques used in marketing overlap with Anthropological techniques and methodology. This passion has led her to explore several different facets of marketing, including marketing data analysis and search engine optimization.

After a year of working as an SEO associate at Grow With Studio, Andie transitioned to a role as a project manager, where she could continue growing in her knowledge of full stack marketing strategies, which include advertising, social media, SEO and email marketing. Since becoming a project manager, Andie has also had the chance to witness firsthand how significantly well-thought out and expertly executed web design can improve results from marketing efforts.

In her free time, you can find Andie climbing rocks, doing flips and camping or hiking. She loves to explore the world and learn about all of the people in it. She is the proud owner of one of the many Studio mascots, Margo the dog.

Conversion Tip: Invest in user research. It’s not the most glamorous part of marketing, and conducting user research itself won’t lead to conversions. But, having that insider knowledge will give you a competitive advantage, and using thorough user research to guide strategy will lead to serious success.


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