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Alison Garrison

Sr. Director

Hailing from the exciting San Joaquin Valley in central California, Alison grew up building tumbleweeds forts and feeding the neighbor’s cows. She moved around a lot and has lived everywhere from San Francisco to Scotland, and even Ohio, which is apparently the Buckeye state. She attended Kenyon College in Ohio where she majored in English, Creative Writing, and Anthropology. Famous Kenyon alumni include Paul Newman, Rutherford B. Hayes, and Alison’s personal favorite, the guy who did Calvin & Hobbes (Bill Watterson).


After two years as a radio DJ and voice over actress, Alison returned to school to complete her MBA at SMU, with concentrations in Marketing and Strategy. Since graduating she has worked as a Brand Strategist, Ecommerce Consultant, Content Writer, SEO Specialist, Search Marketing Manager, and most recently the Director of Studio. She now has 15 years of marketing under her belt, with the last decade being dedicated to ecommerce. She loves reading, writing, being outdoors, and being goofy with her two kids. She has lived in Austin in 2007 and owns a cowboy hat, but people still give her a hard time about being from California.


Conversion Tip: Have a thoughtful navigation. That means organizing your categories and subcategories in every way your target audience searches for your products. (An SEO is a great resource to help you plan this using keyword research as a roadmap.) For example, your audience may search for a product via its brand OR its intended use OR its physical appearance OR <the list goes on and very much depends on your industry and audience use cases.> An example could be a black Nike cross trainer that is on sale, which could be assigned to the following categories: Nike, Cross Trainers, Black shoes, and Sale. 


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