Adam Kirsch

Team Lead, Digital Advertising

A Texas native, Adam was born in Houston and graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in graphic design. Wanting to strike out on his own, but still too afraid to venture too far from home, he moved to Austin in 2010 and has been there ever since. Before finding his career in digital marketing, Adam worked a variety of jobs, including graphic design for a small company, data entry for the Texas Legislative Council, and even became certified to teach K-12 art classes. When not on the job, you can probably find him either at home in the kitchen cooking something for his wife and son, at a bar with friends watching baseball, or playing a game of Magic the Gathering.

Conversion Tip: Not all traffic is the same, and so it shouldn’t be treated the same or assigned the same intrinsic value. Consider things like time of day and user device when making changes to your campaigns. A mobile user at 2:00 am probably has different purchasing habits than a desktop user at 3:00 pm, so it makes sense to advertise to them differently.


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