I think we can all agree that there is an overwhelming amount of content on the web boasting the “Best Shopify SEO Tips”. But how can they all be the best? And how can you know which ones to trust? Enter: Studio. Our SEO experts have scoured the web for the best resources, both internally and externally, to help you kick your Shopify SEO into high gear (for even higher rankings). 

Shopify Guides & How-tos You Should Read

Shopify SEO Guides

Shopify SEO & Marketing Strategy

We recommend diving into each of these resources to get a broad, foundational understanding of how SEO and other marketing strategies should be approached on Shopify, ultimately setting you up for success when you start to dive into more granular tasks.

Shopify Store Setup & Configuration

Great SEO and marketing starts from the very first click. If you don’t set up and configure your store properly, it could spell trouble for you down the road. Do it right the first time by checking out these helpful resources.

Shopify Tracking Setup

The most successful ecommerce stores rely on great data. How else do you know what pages are driving traffic, which products are selling the most, and what types of devices your customers are using?

Shopify Technical Setup & Optimization

Shopify technical optimization tips

Unless you are an SEO fanatic, technical SEO can be daunting and oftentimes boring. But it’s one of the most foundational steps to making sure that your website is SEO-friendly. There are some Shopify-specific quirks that you should keep in mind when going through your technical optimization, and we’ve compiled the resources for you that exhaustively cover them!

Collection, Product, & Blog Page Optimization

Shopify blog, collection and product SEO

Since homepage optimization on Shopify does not differ greatly from other platforms, we are diving right into category optimization. In the Shopify software, categories are referred to as “Collections.” 

Collection Pages

The hub for your products and one of the most important pages on any ecommerce website. Make sure your Shopify collection pages are in great shape!

Products & Blogs

While typically, product or blog pages are saved for later on in the on-page optimization process (after all sections above have been completed), keep in mind that if you are starting with a new store, it might make more sense to go ahead and optimize your products and blogs as you create them. These pages likely aren’t your heavy hitters, but together they can have a massive impact on your website’s ability to perform in search and grow your bottom line.

Learn Liquid

learn liquid on shopify

Shopify’s theme and templating language is called Liquid. While the mysteries of web development and coding might baffle some shop owners, those who are invested in their business and success should have a foundational understanding of Liquid, how it works, and what its capabilities are. 

Start getting familiar with Liquid at the links below: