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Question: How do I market my ecommerce website?

There are many ways to market your ecommerce site and increase your site’s awareness, traffic, and revenue. The primary methods used to market an ecommerce website are: 

  • Paid Marketing – using a service like Google Adwords, native display advertising, or online listings to incentivize users to click a text or image ad that takes them to a page on your site. This also includes ad retargeting.
  • Organic Marketing – when people naturally visit your site by clicking a link in a search results page – typically from a search engine. This happens as a result of optimized on-page content, healthy site structure, and delightful user experience.
  • Social Marketing – using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and more to create awareness about your ecommerce store with unique content, ultimately driving people to your site to learn more or purchase a product.
  • Affiliate Marketing – ecommerce businesses use affiliate marketing partnerships to sell their goods on 3rd party sites. They then give the affiliate a cut of the profits from the revenue they helped create.
  • Indirect Marketing – indirect marketing drives users to your ecommerce store through non-overtly promotional efforts such as brand partnerships, in-person appearances at events, PR, blogging, workshops, and more.
  • Word of Mouth – word of mouth marketing is an in person or online recommendation from a happy customer to a prospective customer. 2 examples are glowing reviews or verbal “hype.” It is a highly effective form of marketing for ecommerce.