Welcome back to our ongoing Favorite Font of The Month blog series, where each month we walk you through all the ins and outs of a free Google font.

September represents the beginning of fall which if you’re like me, probably spurs up some warm, feel-good emotions. Similarly, fonts can have that same effect. Don’t underestimate the power of a great font if you’re looking to evoke a certain mood or feeling from your design! If you’re wanting to add some warmth to your website via a font, check out the free Google font, Adamina. Adamina is a serif font that comes in 1 style and has a soft, approachable look. 

FYI: A serif font is any font that has “feet”, or serifs, that extend from each letterform. 

Serif fonts can oftentimes be thought of as too stuffy or outdated, but they actually come with some pretty great benefits. The actual serifs themselves on each letterform help to guide the eye down each word for easy reading. Adamina, for example, would work great as a body copy font for virtually any industry. In fact, it was designed specifically to be set in small sizes. A medical brand that caters to an older demographic may find success in using this font for their body text due to its ease of legibility. On the other hand, at the opposite end of the spectrum, a hip jewelry brand could use Adamina for a classy and sophisticated look.

Although Adamina was designed for the purpose to be used for smaller text, that doesn’t mean it can’t work well as a headline font. Adamina could easily be used for headlines or body copy. I don’t recommend using Adamina for both due to the fact it comes in only one font-weight. All the text on the page would hold the same visual weight, creating a lack of visual hierarchy that would make reading and scanning the page more difficult, and let’s face it, boring. 

To avoid a lack of hierarchy you should consider pairing Adamina with a second font. Like we mentioned last month, pairing fonts is a functional way to communicate different information to visitors. Here are some ways you can use Adamina to enhance your design.


First up is Assistant. It comes in 6 different styles, including Extra Bold like the example here and the weight I recommend pairing with Adamina.  Assistant is bold and commanding while Adamina softens the look for a perfect balance. This pairing is ideal for a brand within the Home & Garden industry due to the modern letterforms of Assistant and the homey warmth (remember I mentioned warmth earlier?) of Adamina.

Francois One

Next, I chose Francois One. It comes in just one style which is inherently bold and provides that visual contrast we recommend when pairing fonts. It pairs particularly well with Adamina since they both have condensed letterforms. The similarities in width and height create a nice harmony although they are quite opposite. Francois One is sleek and clean, making this pair a great match for the Food & Drink industry. 

Open Sans

For our last font pairing, we flipped things around and chose Open Sans for the body copy to pair with Adamina as a headline font. Remember earlier when I mentioned Adamina could work as a headline? Here’s the proof! Its tall and condensed letterforms can really shine at this larger size and have a certain charm to them. Contrasted by the shorter proportions of Open Sans, a sleek sans serif font, this pairing is ideal for industries including fashion and art to give a soft, welcoming feel to your design. 

That’s it for this month’s favorite font of Adamina and how it can be used to create a unique look for many industries. It’s easy to read, welcoming, and a great serif to keep handy. Check back next month as we explore a new font and dive into its potential.