Welcome back to our Color of The Month blog series where we explore a new fabulous shade and give design insights as to how to make it work in your design each month.

This month’s color is *drumroll* Sapphire Blue! Blue is one of the most-used colors in web design and for good reason. The meaning of blue is widely affected depending on the exact shade and hue. In web design, the shade of blue you decide to use will affect how your designs are interpreted. Light blues are generally open and soothing. Bright blues can be fun and energizing. Dark blues like Sapphire Blue are excellent for corporate sites or sites where loyalty and strength are important. Let’s explore more on the psychology of blue and tips on how to use it in web design.

Where to Use Sapphire Blue in your Design:

#1 Create a Bold, Monochromatic Background:

If done correctly, a bold, colored background can be a great way to give interest to a specific section on your page. Psychologically, blue gives off a subtle message of trust and reliability. Monochromatic color schemes are extremely effective at creating an overall calming mood while looking clean and elegant. However, monochromatic schemes tend to have a blending effect so to combat this, mix your monochrome tones with pops complementary colors!

#2 Logos:

Just by taking a quick glance at your phone’s home screen you will probably see a lot of blue (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc). The use of blue in logos isn’t just some strange coincidence! 33% of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logos because it demonstrates dependability, trustworthiness and maturity. Companies use blue in their logo to convey their level of competence to current and prospective customers. 

#3 Gradients:

You can use a gradient to signal a change, guiding your visitor’s gaze. Choosing a bright blue color where you want your viewers to see or choosing a dark blue transition to create a nice subtle flow to your page. This will add depth and interest on your site while still maintaining an overall feel of trust and professionalism.

How to Use Sapphire Blue:

Now that you have a good idea of why blue color is so popular among designers, here are some web designs and color palette ideas to give you inspiration and help you use it well in your site design.

And that wraps up this month’s favorite color, Blue Sapphire. Use blue to your advantage on different sections of your website to make your visitors feel comfortable and at peace right away. Check back next month as we explore a new color and ways it fits best in design.