Welcome back to our Color of The Month blog series where we explore a new fabulous shade and give design insights as to how to make it work in your design each month.

For this month we picked Butter Yellow! Yellow can be a little tricky to use in web design, it could be so overwhelming that it turns your visitors away or it can be the exact touch of color your design needs. The key to incorporating yellow onto your site is to figure out where to use the right amount of yellow and how to find colors that compliment it! Yellow can be used to express different ideas such as warmth, happiness, creativity and confidence. If this aligns with your brand identity then yellow would be the perfect color for you!

Where to Use Butter Yellow in your Design

Butter Yellow works great as an accent.


Yellow is a very exciting color! However, too much of it can cause the eye to strain. To avoid this, use the color yellow sparingly! Use it to help your visitors concentrate on a specific area on your page or to direct your users to buttons such as “Shop Now” or “Learn More”. 

Or, you can use it to create a contrast.


The color scheme you choose should not make it difficult for your visitors to navigate your site. Adding contrast is very important and is a really good way to give balance to your page. Lucky for you, yellow plays well with others! For example, yellow and blue works well together with yellow creating a high contrast with the blue. The same with yellow and purple! Mix yellow with brown and green to create a more earthy color scheme. Combine yellow with light green for a citrus palette or black and yellow for a more industrial look. The possibilities are endless!

Examples of Butter Yellow in Web Design

Here are some web designs and color palette ideas to give you inspiration and help you use the color yellow in your site design.

Butter Yellow HEX Color Schemes

Here are some free HEX color schemes that use Butter Yellow (#F9C844).

And that wraps up this month’s color, Butter Yellow!

Yellow is one of the brightest and most cheerful colors in the color spectrum. Use it to add color but remember to keep it clean and easy to navigate. Happy designing!