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Regaining Keyword Dominance & Increasing Revenue

After moving ecommerce platforms, The Sausage Maker struggled to regain keyword dominance. They needed some assistance ranking for lucrative keyword phrases and reaching new audiences outside their historic business focus.

Restored #1 search position for lucrative keyword phrases important to the business.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Transactions


More Revenue


The Sausage Maker

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The Sausage Maker experienced some negative SEO repercussions following a platform migration. They reached out to Studio to recover keyword ranking, increase traffic, reach new audiences, and grow revenue via SEO and social media marketing.

Services Provided:
  • Discovery & Research
  • Post-Migration SEO Consulting
  • Strategy Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design


The Sausage Maker brand is nearly 50 years old and has a long established place in the DIY food industry. They promote local, healthy cooking combined with centuries-old food traditions. Its print catalog and ecommerce site has expanded to include 200 categories and nearly 2,000 farm-to-table-related products.

The Challenge

After migrating ecommerce platforms, once high-performing landing pages were not appearing on the first page of search engines for vital search phrases. Site hierarchy and category structure made sense for existing customers but required Meta Tag and on-page description optimization to communicate purpose and attract shoppers not aware of the company.

Before working with Studio, The Sausage Maker’s social media postings were inconsistent, with zero ad budget allocated to boosting posts. This limited the ability of The Sausage Maker to reach new audiences.

Our Approach


To restore The Sausage Maker’s organic rankings, the Studio team implemented the following tactics to enhance a search bot’s ability to crawl and determine the unique purpose of each page:

arrow_forward Added hundreds of 301 Redirects for the old platform’s 404 URLs to the live site pages

arrow_forward Reached out to existing online press, requesting broken links be repaired

arrow_forward Identified and removed subcategory pages with duplicate products and content

arrow_forward Focused keyword research on the “how to” and “learn to make” phrases to reinforce the brand’s commitment to the DIY food industry, not general kitchen products

arrow_forward Resolved short, duplicate and poor-formatted Meta Title and Meta Descriptions for products and categories

Social Media

The Social Media approach to promote the brand and attract new customers included the following:

arrow_forward Targeted current Facebook audience as well as lookalike audiences with engaging posts

arrow_forward Added retargeted social display ads to visitors

arrow_forward Incorporated community management into our strategy by integrating user generated content (UGC) into our content calendar and engaging with customers via comments

arrow_forward Partnered with influencers and bloggers

arrow_forward Connected with potential customers via relevant hashtags on Instagram

arrow_forward Developed a yearlong content calendar with holidays and related events, authoring blog and social posts to coincide with the opportunities


Increase in Social Conversions


YoY Increase in Social Referral Sessions


Increase in Last Interaction Social Conversions

“Studio has consistently grown our traffic for over three years thanks to their customized SEO and Social strategy catered to our industry. They were able to rebuild our organic search results after our website transfer in less than a year and, as a result, promote long-lasting growth for our business. Overall, we have seen an increase in SEO traffic and keyword rankings and social media has consistently contributed traffic to the blog and website.”

Miroslow Stanuszek

Vice President

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