An Optimized PPC Campaign Brings Home the Bacon

After volatile campaign performance lit a fire under this premium grill company, they called in Studio for help.


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Smokin' It

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Here in Austin, we’ve met a few barbecue snobs a time or two. And we can’t wait to send the next one we meet straight to Smokin’ It, a provider of premium grills, smokers and barbecue accessories. Smokin’ It’s innovative products will help satisfy the cravings of barbecue novices and experts alike, and the family-run company is known for the special touches that show appreciation for each and every customer.

Services Provided:
  • Discovery & Research
  • Website Architecture
  • Shopping Feeds Campaign
  • PPC Management
  • Website Development
  • Conversion Optimization


Smokin’ It has a huge community of loyal customers who actively use their forums to talk about the products. But to grow their sales and help their company reach the next stage, they needed new customers too.

The Challenge

Smokin’ It began running an in-house PPC campaign to combat their stagnant sales. After the campaign began producing a very volatile ROAS, they came to Studio for help managing their campaign.

Our Approach

To optimize the campaign and start getting Smokin’ It’s ROAS under control, we ran a complete analysis of the campaign’s historical conversion trends. Then we built an ad schedule that focused on the top-converting hours, layered over a comprehensive bid strategy. Finally, we redefined the campaign’s keyword universe so we could make sure we were only targeting highly relevant and high-quality traffic.

The strategy led to a 127% increase in month-over-month conversions, a 51% increase in revenue and a 2,479% increase in ROAS! That amounts to a whole lot of barbecue.

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