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Gas Detector Shop

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Gas Detector Shop is a principal provider of occupational safety and health equipment. Specializing in gas detection equipment, they’re industry experts who love helping companies understand and meet their occupational health and safety needs. Their top-quality products help keep employees safe, and their competitive prices keep companies under-budget.

Services Provided:
  • Discovery & Research
  • Website Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • On-Page SEO
  • Shopping Feeds Management
  • Website Development
  • Conversion Optimization


Sometimes having highly-specific products can be a business's best asset for paid search, attracting targeted traffic comprised of the exact people who need the product. But other times, those same products are the highly-specific needle in the search haystack, pulling in an audience far broader. And when you’re paying for that audience, that’s a problem. Battling the second scenario, Gas Detector Shop came to Grow With Studio for help with their Shopping Feeds.

The Challenge

The high specificity of Gas Detector Shop’s products were creating two issues: first, some of the products simply weren’t getting any exposure in Shopping Feeds at all. Second, other products weren’t being triggered by the right search queries. This led to inefficient ad spend, low conversions and poor visibility.

Our Approach

Because these products aren’t impulse-friendly and are unlikely to convert casual shoppers who aren’t actively looking for that solution, relevant traffic was our #1 priority. To accomplish this, we leveraged Gas Detector Shop’s highly technical product descriptions in our optimized listings and created much more specific product titles. Whenever possible, we also added manufacturer part numbers in the product titles for optimal reach (since some customers search by part number, not product name). Finally, we adjusted our bids based on the product’s price point, creating a system that gave us more control over ROAS.

The improvements worked - within 12 months we’d increased the campaign’s ROAS by 1500%! This amounted to a significant impact on the site’s traffic and revenue, with the site seeing a 30% increase in revenue during the same period. We continued to optimize the campaign over time, and today, 30% of all site transactions and 28% of site revenue comes directly from Shopping Feeds.

"Wanted to thank you for the excellent job you have done for us with the shopping feeds. You have definitely increased our revenue from our Volusion site."

Liam Wong

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