Growing Organic Traffic & Revenue with a Consulting Approach

When Decorative Fabrics Direct needed help reversing a downward trend in organic traffic, Studio’s consultative approach to SEO didn’t just turn things around — it also helped grow organic traffic into the business’s biggest revenue generator.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Impressions
*More than 142M impressions in one month


Increase in Revenue


Decorative Fabrics Direct


Decorative Fabrics Direct is a leading online retailer for upholstery and curtain fabrics. Their online store features thousands of products, samples, and options, all at at factory direct prices for the customer.

Services Provided:
  • SEO Consulting
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • Schema Markup Generation
  • Index & Crawl Optimization
  • Product-level SEO Optimization


Decorative Fabrics Direct came to the Studio team in the midst of a long-term downward trend in organic traffic. While their paid sales continued to prop up the website's performance, organic traffic and revenue were down nearly 50% from the previous year. As a client, Decorative Fabrics Direct was also highly knowledgeable about SEO and had done considerable custom work on their page for improved functionality, crawling, and indexing. They just needed a team who could take a fresh look at their strategy and help them rebalance their efforts.

“We started seeing results within two months. Over the last four months, the organic click rate increased by 600% and the impressions have gone up by 300%. Grow With Studio is doing a terrific job, and we’ve seen tremendous success.”

Stephen Dutson


The Challenge

When working with a client who has a background in digital marketing, the relationship is less of a patronage and more of a collaboration. The biggest roadblock for an in-house digital team often isn’t SEO know-how; it’s tunnel vision. A team can simply get too close to the site and the process they’re working with to know what to approach next.

We also were tasked with turning around declining performance on a site that already had a solid foundation of SEO work done on it. That’s a very different animal from a site that has had no SEO work done, and it requires a more nuanced approach.

decorative fabrics seo case study

Our Approach

Studio took a communication-focused approach, establishing weekly calls to discuss our strategies with the client and sharing ownership of the deliverables. This allowed the Studio team to analyze and set the strategy while the client ensured that all content updates, indexing optimizations, and product-level changes were in line with the business’s needs and industry expertise.

arrow_forward Established a campaign scope that addressed the client’s requirements for involvement and allowed the most effective way to share ideas, ask/answer questions, and keep track of project progress

arrow_forward Created high-quality content for pillar category pages to increase topical authority, target more keywords, and answer customer questions

arrow_forward Set up a proper expired product process to remove the dead links and empty pages that were still in Google’s index

“What’s more, our volume of sales has grown substantially. The number of site visitors and traffic has increased fourfold. Grow With Studio provides reports that allow me to see Google Analytics. The graphs are great to look at; they look like a mountain because they shoot straight up. They’ve done a fine job, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Stephen Dutson


Over the course of a year, the Studio and Decorative Fabrics Direct teams were able to completely turn around their organic performance. We saw an 85% increase in revenue from organic traffic, a 158% increase in overall transaction volume, and a 142% growth in organic traffic overall. We also increased impressions in search by 142%, achieving more than 142M impressions in a single month.

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“We find good people in all the fields we deal with, but Grow With Studio has been top-notch. They have good business sense melded with technology. The end result is that I want an ROI with the money I spend on them, and that happens.

They truly understand the business application and how they can bring tech into the fold to enhance our business. I’d be surprised if we don’t continue the partnership for a long, long time. Their team has a lot to offer, and they’re just scratching the surface.”

Stephen Dutson


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