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When Bariatric Health & Wellness saw their users start to shift their preferred device, they contacted Studio for a mobile-focused shopping experience.


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Bariatric Health & Wellness

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Bariatric Health & Wellness wanted to create a cohesive branding experience that translated smoothly from medical office, to desktop, to mobile.

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  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ecommerce Design
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  • Conversion Optimization


Bariatric Health & Wellness is a medically-supervised, non-surgical weight loss program that has been serving the public since 1989. As one of the first in their field, Bariatric Health & Wellness has always subscribed to the theory that if your business model is not changing, then it is not advancing. When customer needs started changing, they turned to Studio for a comprehensive design that optimized their shoppers’ mobile experience.

The Challenge

The combination of medical office, online weight loss program, and high-protein food shopping meant an interesting puzzle for the design team to tackle. The site must speak to all three kinds of customers and lead them to the right places to result in conversions, especially on mobile.

Our Approach

We tackled this project from two angles: the first was a pared-down navigation that made finding products and information much faster and simpler. The other angle involved a deep exploration into improving the mobile experience for their users. This led to our creation of a modern, polished, and professional site that builds long-term brand equity.

arrow_forwardResearch & Discovery: The first thing we did was perform a design audit of We discussed their existing site, what was working, what wasn't, looked at their competition and business goals. The plan was to modernize the site, reorganize the website to focus on their business goals, and overall improve the user experience and customer journey.

arrow_forward Focused on Business Goals: We discovered that their Starter Kits were their most profitable product that lead to the most sales and long-term customers. We made that the central focus of their homepage.

arrow_forward Credibility & Trust: From there we identified some key metrics that showed that their products work and that the company had a proven track record. We highlighted that success as well with impressive brand messaging: "30,000+ people have gotten healthier and lost over 150,000 pounds with Bariatric Health & Wellness." We also featured video testimonials for further proof.

arrow_forwardUsability & Branding: We also cleaned things up a bit to make it very clear and easy for a customer to find what they are looking for and explore what Bariatric Health & Wellness has to offer. This included cleaning up the header and visually showing top categories.

“There is so much trust involved with a relationship of this nature and our team does not disappoint.. Our results are always even better than what was projected. Our combined efforts make a better environment for both our patrons and our employees.”

Allen Trotman

Practice Manager

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