Welcome back to our free font of the month series where we dive into the ins and outs of a featured free Google Font.

Happy New Year, everybody! It feels great to be back at it – rounding up some great free fonts to kick off the new year. Whether you’ve been following along and experimenting with fonts from previous months or if typography isn’t your strong suit and you’ve made a resolution to step up your font game, we’re happy to have you!

You never know, maybe 2020 will be the year you become a font pro and drink more water. Kicking things off is the lovely Alata. It’s a bold sans serif with a fresh sophistication that, let’s be real – embodies everything I want to be in the new year. 

Alata has a sleek appearance that can be dressed up for a classy look, or paired with similar fonts for a more down-to-Earth feel. There’s a mix of sharp, geometric angles and chunky, rounded letterforms that together create the perfect balance and versatile look. Alata is available in only one style, but it’s a pretty substantial weight, making it the perfect contender for headlines, call-to-actions, and spiffy graphics. 

Ready for some font pairing magic? Here are three different free Google fonts that work well with Alata.

Let’s dive in! 

Sarabun Google Font Pairing

Starting us off is Sarabun. Sarabun is an understated sans serif available in a whopping 16 styles! The letterforms are tall and could just almost pass for a condensed font. These qualities alongside the bold, wide letterforms of Alata are a match made in heaven. This example shows Sarabun in its regular weight to create a clear enough distinction between the headline and body copy styles. If I were to place a heavier weight like semi-bold or bold for the body copy, that would cause a lack of hierarchy and create a muddy look that is flat and not engaging. This pairing would be great for brands within the Home and Garden industry for its modern twist on the classic sans serif pairing. Alata packs a sophisticated punch while Sarabun’s modest qualities balance things out for a soft, modern feel.

Slabo Google Font Pairing

It’s hard to go wrong with a slab serif font alongside a bold, geometric font, and that slab serif I’m talking about is Slabo. Its serifs are subtle but thats all part of Slabo’s charm. In this pairing, Slabo offsets the bold nature of Alata by providing a friendly feel that’s a common characteristic of slab serif fonts. It’s available in one weight, just like Alata, but unlike Alata, Slabo is very light. If it weren’t for this, I probably wouldn’t have picked this font to work with Alata but the contrasting weights and the serif and slab serif characteristics make all the difference! Slabo’s letterforms have a gentle, round look that feel crisp and approachable therefore highlighting Alata’s sharp edges. Companies within the Health and Wellness industry may find success in using this pairing for its clean and modern look with a friendly feel. 

Titillium Google Font Pairing

Wrapping up the month is the strong and flexible Titillium Web. This font comes in 11 different styles, making it a great option to create dynamic and engaging looks. Titillium Web works particularly well with Alata because of their near opposite features. Titillium Web is lean with little angles whereas Alata is wide set with lots of angles and sharp edges. This example uses Titillium Web in its regular weight to maintain a clear distinction between the headline and body copy. Titillium Web has a masculine look, making this pairing a great option for brands within the Men’s Fashion world that are looking for the sophisticated flair that Alata brings. On the other hand, this pairing could also work well for brands in the Medical field for its sturdy, reliable look.

There you have it folks! Alata demonstrated how it can be used with three very different fonts, each in a way that accomplishes a unique feeling. Don’t forget to come back next month as we dive into another free Google font and all its potential. See you then!

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